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Attack!! Attaquez!!

I played with Geoff Rowley today...

RaynorLikesCake: hi!
iamgeoffrowley: ...hi
RaynorLikesCake: im rowley or die, you went off on me earlier on
RaynorLikesCake: im harmless honestly
iamgeoffrowley: ...ok
RaynorLikesCake:…i like dots too!
RaynorLikesCake: and geoff rowley
iamgeoffrowley: is this conversation necessary?
RaynorLikesCake: if no one ever talked then phone and internet companies would be put out of business.
RaynorLikesCake: why do you have to be so hostile?
RaynorLikesCake: all i was doing was trying to have a simple conversation
iamgeoffrowley: lol
iamgeoffrowley: well i dont actually know you...
RaynorLikesCake: but does anybody really know anyone? do we even really know ourselves?
RaynorLikesCake: this world is a big mystery!
RaynorLikesCake: we are all just gods salt. which you wont understand unless youve seen the film cant hardly wait
iamgeoffrowley: no i havent seen it
RaynorLikesCake: youre not missing out
RaynorLikesCake: so if youre not geoff rowley who are you really?
iamgeoffrowley: i figured
iamgeoffrowley: i am a person named geoff
iamgeoffrowley: and i think that if geoff rowley had AIM, his screen name would be much more discreet
RaynorLikesCake: i know someone called geoff. hes about 5 foot tall and has a bald patch in the middle of his mullet, its terrible
RaynorLikesCake: i think if geoff rowley had aim and his name was iamgeoffrowley that would be classic!
iamgeoffrowley: the fact that he has a mullet is bad enough
RaynorLikesCake: cause no one would expect him to have it etc etc etc
RaynorLikesCake: yes he also has leather pants
iamgeoffrowley: super...
RaynorLikesCake: he is super fly. with his denim jacket his leather pants his mother of all bikes his mullet and his bald spot he is a super fly dude.
RaynorLikesCake: and when i say bike, i mean mountain bike. hardcore.
iamgeoffrowley: great
RaynorLikesCake: it is great. i wish i was as cool as him, thats my ambition in life
iamgeoffrowley: ill bet
RaynorLikesCake: if everyone had that aim the world would be a better place.
RaynorLikesCake: you dont like me much do you?
iamgeoffrowley: i havent met you so i cant make much of a judgement now can i?
RaynorLikesCake: if you were the terminator you would be able to make decisions in a split second
RaynorLikesCake: but i do notice you didnt so "i do like you"
iamgeoffrowley: if only...
RaynorLikesCake: if only. if you were geoff rowley and the terminator in one THEN your life would be complete. the rowleynator
RaynorLikesCake: very original name
iamgeoffrowley: very
RaynorLikesCake: who do you like best, arto or greco?
iamgeoffrowley: ?
RaynorLikesCake: just in general, arto or greco?
iamgeoffrowley: if i knew what you were talking about i could give you an answer
RaynorLikesCake: which skater do you like best, arto saari or jim greco?
RaynorLikesCake: or does that still not make sense?
iamgeoffrowley: oh, i havent been much into the skating world recently
iamgeoffrowley: ive had this screen name for about 4 years
iamgeoffrowley: well...3
RaynorLikesCake: do you get many people randomly talking to you cause of your name?
iamgeoffrowley: not until today
RaynorLikesCake: well something new, interesting and exciting is supposed to happen every day, i hope this will class as one of those for you.
iamgeoffrowley: lol
iamgeoffrowley: yea
iamgeoffrowley: i think it does
RaynorLikesCake: if only stuff like this happened every day youd live a life of pure excitement and wouldnt that be rad?
iamgeoffrowley: extremely rad
RaynorLikesCake: i can imagine it being like heaven in a can
RaynorLikesCake: how old are you?
iamgeoffrowley: old enough
RaynorLikesCake: i see you are a cryptic person. maybe a 30 year old lady called geoff.
RaynorLikesCake: from istanbul
iamgeoffrowley: yea maybe
iamgeoffrowley: i sure hope not
RaynorLikesCake: thats what they all say when theyre trying to protect their true identity
iamgeoffrowley: or else ive been deceiving everyone at my high school
RaynorLikesCake: you are a MASTER of disguise if youve fooled them all
RaynorLikesCake: never mind being the terminator, you are a god
iamgeoffrowley: i knew that already...
RaynorLikesCake: sure.

THEN "Jim Greco" came on and I tried to mess with that persons head but they were having none of it. The fucker. I have the picture to prove it but it won't currently upload as I am having problems with my connection.

The attack on "skaters" is nigh!!
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