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we have too much time..

OFP's new fun is harassing people with screen names like iamgeoffrowley, jim greco, iamartosaari etc etc. in honour of this we have new screennames, rah's is not jim greco and jemma's is not geoff rowley. when i tried add jemma to not jim greco, i accidentally added not geoff as well. and because there was noone better online, we decided to harrass him...

not geoff rowley: hello!
not geoff rowley: if youre not geoff...who are you?
not geoff rowley: come on sarah why are you ignoring me?
not geoff rowley: i wanna go down to spencers come on kid
notgeoff: hmmm...i guess that would make me hindu stan.
not geoff rowley: lol i guess it would. are you coming to spencers?
notgeoff: no.
notgeoff: i hate spencers
notgeoff: and i'm not sarah
not geoff rowley: yeah thats probably cause youre hindu and not sarah
not geoff rowley: hi not geoff
not geoff rowley: i am also not a geoff
notgeoff: indeed...funny shit
notgeoff: where you located
notgeoff: ?
not geoff rowley: yeah! i bet there are a lotta people in the world also not called geoff. weird happenings.
not geoff rowley: im in england
notgeoff: indeed. where in england
not geoff rowley: what do you mean youre not sarah anyway? is this tom?
not geoff rowley: liverpool. down the road dork
notgeoff: actually...i guess my christian name would be not geoff clarke
notgeoff: i live in california
not geoff rowley: no you dont you live down the road!
not geoff rowley: come on anyway lets go to spencers
not geoff rowley: jukebox is acalling!
notgeoff: alright...i'll be there in 5.
not geoff rowley: even in this rain? you are hardcore dude, fuckin hardcore!
not geoff rowley: bring the rubber duckie!
not geoff rowley: and pogs
notgeoff: word up, honky!
not geoff rowley: yer mam!
not geoff rowley: so whats with you and ilana?
not geoff rowley: duuuuuuude come on i wanna know and i wanna go!
not geoff rowley: SARAH.
not geoff rowley: i thought the point of you having not geoff was so that we'd be able to be rad not so i'd be able to have conversations with myself
not geoff rowley: oh fuck you then. give me a call when youre not being as silent as the people under the stairs

not jim greco: JEMMA!!!
not jim greco: jemma?
not jim greco: jeemmma
notgeoff: ralphie?
not jim greco: dude!!
not jim greco: i thoguht you were away again!
not jim greco: i was all like confused and shit
notgeoff: oh no...i back. in pog form.
not jim greco: pogs!! i'd forgotton them! bring them down the park tomorrow dude
notgeoff: ok. where's the park.
not jim greco: har, donnie park you mongo
not jim greco: are you coming down?
notgeoff: i think you might be confusing me with another notgeoff
not jim greco: you're not jemma?
notgeoff: nope.
not jim greco: why are you on her sn?
notgeoff: what's an sn?
not jim greco: screen name. sorry i got caught up in the lame world of abbreviations
notgeoff: dunno...me thinks there was som kind of mix up.
notgeoff: you friends w/ not geoff rowley?
not jim greco: shit dude
not jim greco: that's jemma
not jim greco: not not geoff
not jim greco: OOPS
notgeoff: no sweat
notgeoff: have fun at spencers
not jim greco: dude how do you know about spencers? you ARE jemma!!
not jim greco: ok fine dude whatever. ring me when you've decided.
notgeoff: ok

and a final word from jemma&rah..

not geoff rowley: i bet he thinks we're total gimps
not jim greco: me too
not geoff rowley: either that or he thinks we were fucking with him
not jim greco: i think so
not jim greco: especially with the pogs comemnts
not geoff rowley: still though it would have been considerate for him to tell us we were missing each other
not geoff rowley: fucker!
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