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after ages of trying to rile arto saari i got him today..

artosaari: whats his im
not jim greco: i don't know if i should tell you. are you really arto saari? i guess he wouldn't mind me telling arto
artosaari: no
artosaari: he wouldn't
not jim greco: how come you don't have it if you know grecs? i thought you guys woulda been tight after that ad you did!
artosaari: no, we are on the same team, idiot. doing an ad doesnt have anything to do with us being friends
not jim greco: dude you're not arto.
not jim greco: i just noticed the gay icon
not jim greco: that's really lame
not jim greco: having arto saari as your im name i mean
not jim greco: that's like those people that sign up and pretend to be famous people on face the jury
artosaari signed off at 10:21:44 PM.

if it keeps me happppyyyyyy....
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