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jemma and sarah's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
jemma and sarah

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[11 Jan 2005|08:19pm]

Dear Russian girl,

Who are you?

Lots of love,

OFP xxxx
rowley or die

Word Update [11 Jan 2005|05:58pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Recently there have been some changes going on in the world of OFP. For starters, Rah and I have both met the men which we will marry in the future, among other things. However, things that never change are our stupidness and our love for creating words and names.

Meaning: Super

Meaning: Pronounced "man-toes". Means transvestites, or those who used to be men, eg Nadia Big Brother

Meaning: Has no set meaning, is just an enjoyable exclamation noise.

How come, son
Meaning: Hello or other such trivialties.

Meaning: I think I just made that up now. Means trivial things.

Meaning: Terrible. This came about as I was wondering how you can say "horrid" for horrible but nothing is short for terrible. Therefore, terrid.

Meaning: One whom is a twat.

More to come.

rowley or die

[22 Aug 2004|11:43am]

i'm glad we don't suck

also i finally managed to unfriend all my old entries (except the one with my mobile number, and the ones with that stalker freak in)
rowley or die

Glind. [19 Aug 2004|01:15pm]

My version of Gangstas Paradise in the land of Happy Hardcore says; "tell me why are we so glind to see dat the wu-hon we hoit urr you n me". It makes me happy. I suppose that's why they call it Happy Hardcore; when you get that song that's so bad it's good again. Excellent.

My favourite bit is glind.

[03 Dec 2003|06:29pm]

OFP FOREVER!! dude we started this thing EIGHT MONTHS AGO. woah that seems like forever... i was watching this is skateboarding today and getting rather too excited about the tosh bits, i seriously need some quality flip time to help me get over this little problem. i'm getting aim back in my room next week i think, so moremore harassment of iamgeoffrowley (no you're fucking not) and notjimgreco. oh wait, wasn't not jim greco us? i forget :D

Jemma you need to sort the layout out because i didn't realise how shitty it looked when i made it, i suck at them. BUT NOT PEEJ! he might be on flip now, but he's still evil in my head no matter how much you claim he isn't. although i do own his video (long story, don't ask) :(

rowley or die

[12 Jul 2003|03:07pm]

OI GIRL!! what's happening to us?! we haven't spoken in ages, either you're busy or i'm busy. it fucking sucks dude, s'about as hardcore as your good friend _____!
rowley or die

[02 Jul 2003|07:10pm]

i have no credit so i can't text you
and you're not on aim
and i'm not online as much now.
but i miss you
xxo xxo
rowley or die

[28 Jun 2003|01:53pm]

jemma isn't updating this so i'm taking it over for TOSHLOVE kthx.

_____Collapse )
rowley or die

[26 Jun 2003|12:40pm]

late last night, about 3am i was watching this is skateboarding and hermans part came on, and because i was tired i didn't see it was herman right at the start, and went "oh he's quite pretty really", then realised a second later it was herman. i am sick in the head.

i'd like to add that there will be no herman love developing in rahland. ace skater? yes, pretty? hell no.

[21 Jun 2003|03:35pm]

attention all stalkers,

we may not know where you're coming from...

or how many of you there are

there are lots of things we know

just not who you are.. yet.
rowley or die

[18 Jun 2003|10:33pm]

i cannot find my flip stickers
or my es stickers
or my peej stickers

the first two distress me, the second distresses 'er.

i still have my tosh stickers though...

it was my turn to update, but i had nothing to say except

damn it feels good to be a gangsta...
rowley or die

[10 Jun 2003|11:30pm]

who's house?? RAH'S HOUSE :D

alright le fred: hi geoff
iamgeoffrowley: hello
alright le fred: are you the real geoff rowley?
alright le fred: i asked not geoff rowley
alright le fred: and he said you were
iamgeoffrowley: no i am not
alright le fred: that's a shame
alright le fred: it'd be cool if you were
alright le fred: are you friends with arthur?
iamgeoffrowley: um
iamgeoffrowley: no
alright le fred: james?
iamgeoffrowley: no
alright le fred: thomas?
iamgeoffrowley: i dont know any of these people
iamgeoffrowley: and i dont know you...
alright le fred: oh you do geoff
alright le fred: we met on the vans tour
alright le fred: wink nudge
iamgeoffrowley: ...since ive been there....
alright le fred: yeah!! at the edge park
iamgeoffrowley: sarcasm
alright le fred: i'm not being sarcastic!
iamgeoffrowley: i am though
alright le fred: eh? i do'nt understnad
alright le fred: oh"
alright le fred: is your girlfriend there?
iamgeoffrowley: i wish i HAD a girlfriend
alright le fred: well it's no wonder if you're always sarcastic to girls.
iamgeoffrowley: lol
alright le fred: your profile thing is a little mean don't you think. i was hurt.
iamgeoffrowley: oh
iamgeoffrowley: that was actually meant for one particular person
iamgeoffrowley: i might get around to changing it
alright le fred: well i could be one particular person
alright le fred: yes do
alright le fred: i shoudl change mine, i'ts gay so
alright le fred: are we gonna meet up again now that the money grabbigb slut's gone?
iamgeoffrowley: um...
iamgeoffrowley: no
alright le fred: aw man
alright le fred: i'm hurt
alright le fred: i guess i understnad it
alright le fred: you get al the girls now you're pro. well, when you're not being mean to them.
alright le fred: is it cos you're nervous that you do it?
iamgeoffrowley: um...no
iamgeoffrowley: im not sarcastic to most girls, like...ones i KNOW
alright le fred: well why then? i can't psychoanalyse you if you're not forthcoming with info
alright le fred: dude, we've had sex. i think you know me
alright le fred: i thought what we had was special
alright le fred: i thought it meant something to you, cos it did to me
iamgeoffrowley: you know i think i wouldve remembered that
alright le fred: are you saying i was crap? dude that's way harsh
iamgeoffrowley signed off at 11:30:15 PM.
alright le fred: you were saying i was the best you'd ever had a few weeks ago
Previous message was not received by iamgeoffrowley because of error: User iamgeoffrowley is not available.
rowley or die

[09 Jun 2003|10:24pm]

after ages of trying to rile arto saari i got him today..

artosaari: whats his im
not jim greco: i don't know if i should tell you. are you really arto saari? i guess he wouldn't mind me telling arto
artosaari: no
artosaari: he wouldn't
not jim greco: how come you don't have it if you know grecs? i thought you guys woulda been tight after that ad you did!
artosaari: no, we are on the same team, idiot. doing an ad doesnt have anything to do with us being friends
not jim greco: dude you're not arto.
not jim greco: i just noticed the gay icon
not jim greco: that's really lame
not jim greco: having arto saari as your im name i mean
not jim greco: that's like those people that sign up and pretend to be famous people on face the jury
artosaari signed off at 10:21:44 PM.

if it keeps me happppyyyyyy....
rowley or die

[09 Jun 2003|03:06pm]

i figured the best part of the plan ever should be put in here.. WITHOUT ANY BITS OF AIM CONVOS. like seriously dude, wow.. ahaha anyway.. jemma realised the other day that we can skate in her garage. not proper skate, but be lame and listen to music and kinda-skate and stuff. it's the best idea ever, i love it lots and lots and lots and lots. i also love parks with bouncy asphalt which i can't spell. i'm lots and lots excited now, and looking forward to the 20th far too much :D

jemma's garage is the new tom penny's mini ramp.
rowley or die

[08 Jun 2003|06:02pm]

we have too much time..

OFP's new fun is harassing people with screen names like iamgeoffrowley, jim greco, iamartosaari etc etc. in honour of this we have new screennames, rah's is not jim greco and jemma's is not geoff rowley. when i tried add jemma to not jim greco, i accidentally added not geoff as well. and because there was noone better online, we decided to harrass him...

jemma and not geoffCollapse )

rah and not geoffCollapse )

and a final word from jemma&rah..

not geoff rowley: i bet he thinks we're total gimps
not jim greco: me too
not geoff rowley: either that or he thinks we were fucking with him
not jim greco: i think so
not jim greco: especially with the pogs comemnts
not geoff rowley: still though it would have been considerate for him to tell us we were missing each other
not geoff rowley: fucker!
rowley or die

Attack!! Attaquez!! [06 Jun 2003|12:15am]

[ mood | victorious ]

I played with Geoff Rowley today...

RaynorLikesCake: hi!
iamgeoffrowley: ...hi
RaynorLikesCake: im rowley or die, you went off on me earlier on
RaynorLikesCake: im harmless honestly
iamgeoffrowley: ...ok
RaynorLikesCake:…i like dots too!
RaynorLikesCake: and geoff rowley
iamgeoffrowley: is this conversation necessary?
RaynorLikesCake: if no one ever talked then phone and internet companies would be put out of business.
RaynorLikesCake: why do you have to be so hostile?
RaynorLikesCake: all i was doing was trying to have a simple conversation
iamgeoffrowley: lol
iamgeoffrowley: well i dont actually know you...
RaynorLikesCake: but does anybody really know anyone? do we even really know ourselves?
RaynorLikesCake: this world is a big mystery!
RaynorLikesCake: we are all just gods salt. which you wont understand unless youve seen the film cant hardly wait
iamgeoffrowley: no i havent seen it
RaynorLikesCake: youre not missing out
RaynorLikesCake: so if youre not geoff rowley who are you really?
iamgeoffrowley: i figured
iamgeoffrowley: i am a person named geoff
iamgeoffrowley: and i think that if geoff rowley had AIM, his screen name would be much more discreet
RaynorLikesCake: i know someone called geoff. hes about 5 foot tall and has a bald patch in the middle of his mullet, its terrible
RaynorLikesCake: i think if geoff rowley had aim and his name was iamgeoffrowley that would be classic!
iamgeoffrowley: the fact that he has a mullet is bad enough
RaynorLikesCake: cause no one would expect him to have it etc etc etc
RaynorLikesCake: yes he also has leather pants
iamgeoffrowley: super...
RaynorLikesCake: he is super fly. with his denim jacket his leather pants his mother of all bikes his mullet and his bald spot he is a super fly dude.
RaynorLikesCake: and when i say bike, i mean mountain bike. hardcore.
iamgeoffrowley: great
RaynorLikesCake: it is great. i wish i was as cool as him, thats my ambition in life
iamgeoffrowley: ill bet
RaynorLikesCake: if everyone had that aim the world would be a better place.
RaynorLikesCake: you dont like me much do you?
iamgeoffrowley: i havent met you so i cant make much of a judgement now can i?
RaynorLikesCake: if you were the terminator you would be able to make decisions in a split second
RaynorLikesCake: but i do notice you didnt so "i do like you"
iamgeoffrowley: if only...
RaynorLikesCake: if only. if you were geoff rowley and the terminator in one THEN your life would be complete. the rowleynator
RaynorLikesCake: very original name
iamgeoffrowley: very
RaynorLikesCake: who do you like best, arto or greco?
iamgeoffrowley: ?
RaynorLikesCake: just in general, arto or greco?
iamgeoffrowley: if i knew what you were talking about i could give you an answer
RaynorLikesCake: which skater do you like best, arto saari or jim greco?
RaynorLikesCake: or does that still not make sense?
iamgeoffrowley: oh, i havent been much into the skating world recently
iamgeoffrowley: ive had this screen name for about 4 years
iamgeoffrowley: well...3
RaynorLikesCake: do you get many people randomly talking to you cause of your name?
iamgeoffrowley: not until today
RaynorLikesCake: well something new, interesting and exciting is supposed to happen every day, i hope this will class as one of those for you.
iamgeoffrowley: lol
iamgeoffrowley: yea
iamgeoffrowley: i think it does
RaynorLikesCake: if only stuff like this happened every day youd live a life of pure excitement and wouldnt that be rad?
iamgeoffrowley: extremely rad
RaynorLikesCake: i can imagine it being like heaven in a can
RaynorLikesCake: how old are you?
iamgeoffrowley: old enough
RaynorLikesCake: i see you are a cryptic person. maybe a 30 year old lady called geoff.
RaynorLikesCake: from istanbul
iamgeoffrowley: yea maybe
iamgeoffrowley: i sure hope not
RaynorLikesCake: thats what they all say when theyre trying to protect their true identity
iamgeoffrowley: or else ive been deceiving everyone at my high school
RaynorLikesCake: you are a MASTER of disguise if youve fooled them all
RaynorLikesCake: never mind being the terminator, you are a god
iamgeoffrowley: i knew that already...
RaynorLikesCake: sure.

THEN "Jim Greco" came on and I tried to mess with that persons head but they were having none of it. The fucker. I have the picture to prove it but it won't currently upload as I am having problems with my connection.

The attack on "skaters" is nigh!!

rowley or die

[05 Jun 2000|10:04pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

har. when raynor was down in leicester with me, we were adding lots of random aim sns like i am jemma, i am rah and i am geoff rowley. today iamgeoffrowley signed on and scared the hell out of me cos i had no idea i'd added that and i thought mebbe it was magic...

part 1, in which you appreciate the overuse of the word gay.

alright le fred: someones online
alright le fred: as i am geoff rowley
rowley or die: that is gay dude are they?
alright le fred: yes!
alright le fred: add them
rowley or die: they are!
alright le fred: and see their gayness
rowley or die: that is gay!
alright le fred: isn't it lame!1

part 2, in which rah attemps to harrass the lame geoff rowley pretender.

alright le fred: OMG ARE YOU GEOFF ROWLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iamgeoffrowley: no
alright le fred: oh :-(
alright le fred: i told all my friendz that geoff rowley was online
iamgeoffrowley signed off at 10:02:08 PM.

part 3, in which jemma attemps to harrass the lame geoff rowley pretender.

rowley or die: OMG ARE YOU GEOFF ROWLEY!!!!!!!!!
iamgeoffrowley: no
iamgeoffrowley signed off at 22:03:37.

part 4, in which we decide he blocked us and didn't go offline at all

RaynorLikesCake: i no see him/her!
alright le fred: ooh
RaynorLikesCake: maybe it really went
alright le fred: maybe they put buddy list privacy no
alright le fred: *on
RaynorLikesCake: oh EVIL
RaynorLikesCake: i want to talk to geoff rowley
alright le fred: ME TOO
RaynorLikesCake: what a cunt
RaynorLikesCake: i want to talk to him!
RaynorLikesCake: /her/it
RaynorLikesCake: we broke i am geoff rowley
RaynorLikesCake: now i go back to rowley or die
RaynorLikesCake: i am sad
RaynorLikesCake: :-(
alright le fred: :-(

part 5, the conclusion

rowley or die: i have this in my profile now
rowley or die: "iamgeoffrowley" if you are reading this, i am sorry, come back and talk to me i want to talk to you you seem like a very interesting and fun person even though despite your deceptive screenname you are not actually geoff rowley. come back to me a while, change your taste in men!
rowley or die: i am hoping he will read and talk to me
rowley or die: i be wanting to talk to him lots!
rowley or die: i bet he has a gay crew and someone in his gay crew is called iamartosaari and someone else is called iamruneglifberg and some poor fucker got stuck with iambastiensalab cause i dont think salabanzi would all fit on

rowley or die

[02 Jun 2003|02:32pm]

i felt compelled to post but i got nothing to say. i'm back from stockholm which means no more 50p texts and errrrrm that's it.

my giant arto!! dude it came!!! and it's taken two packets of white tac (blue tac's overrated) to keep it up and now it's in the wrong place so i'll have to change it around again :D and i have pj ladd stickers on the way so you can have them (he's in the eS set y'see) and errrm WE HAVE TO ORDER THE STUFF SOON! haar, i say stuff to be mysterious to anyone reading this. like the girl that wanted the icon, adn the girl that tried to join. funfunfun. MUSKA!!

ahaha, whenever i update this i sound like i got bad ADD. don't even listen to me...


rowley or die

[31 May 2003|09:19pm]

Less than 10 minutes later and Miss Sarah texts me saying "let's go to Alton Towers"...WAVELENGTHING!! I am amazed and very excited!
rowley or die

[31 May 2003|09:06pm]

I wanna go to Alton Towers!!
rowley or die

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