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har. when raynor was down in leicester with me, we were adding lots of random aim sns like i am jemma, i am rah and i am geoff rowley. today iamgeoffrowley signed on and scared the hell out of me cos i had no idea i'd added that and i thought mebbe it was magic...

part 1, in which you appreciate the overuse of the word gay.

alright le fred: someones online
alright le fred: as i am geoff rowley
rowley or die: that is gay dude are they?
alright le fred: yes!
alright le fred: add them
rowley or die: they are!
alright le fred: and see their gayness
rowley or die: that is gay!
alright le fred: isn't it lame!1

part 2, in which rah attemps to harrass the lame geoff rowley pretender.

alright le fred: OMG ARE YOU GEOFF ROWLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iamgeoffrowley: no
alright le fred: oh :-(
alright le fred: i told all my friendz that geoff rowley was online
iamgeoffrowley signed off at 10:02:08 PM.

part 3, in which jemma attemps to harrass the lame geoff rowley pretender.

rowley or die: OMG ARE YOU GEOFF ROWLEY!!!!!!!!!
iamgeoffrowley: no
iamgeoffrowley signed off at 22:03:37.

part 4, in which we decide he blocked us and didn't go offline at all

RaynorLikesCake: i no see him/her!
alright le fred: ooh
RaynorLikesCake: maybe it really went
alright le fred: maybe they put buddy list privacy no
alright le fred: *on
RaynorLikesCake: oh EVIL
RaynorLikesCake: i want to talk to geoff rowley
alright le fred: ME TOO
RaynorLikesCake: what a cunt
RaynorLikesCake: i want to talk to him!
RaynorLikesCake: /her/it
RaynorLikesCake: we broke i am geoff rowley
RaynorLikesCake: now i go back to rowley or die
RaynorLikesCake: i am sad
RaynorLikesCake: :-(
alright le fred: :-(

part 5, the conclusion

rowley or die: i have this in my profile now
rowley or die: "iamgeoffrowley" if you are reading this, i am sorry, come back and talk to me i want to talk to you you seem like a very interesting and fun person even though despite your deceptive screenname you are not actually geoff rowley. come back to me a while, change your taste in men!
rowley or die: i am hoping he will read and talk to me
rowley or die: i be wanting to talk to him lots!
rowley or die: i bet he has a gay crew and someone in his gay crew is called iamartosaari and someone else is called iamruneglifberg and some poor fucker got stuck with iambastiensalab cause i dont think salabanzi would all fit on
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